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If I use a self tanning product, can I also use my NYCE LEGS?
Yes. Just make sure that your legs are dry and clean before spraying on your NYCE LEGS.
Can I use a leg/body lotion and when is best to apply?

We recommend that if you use a lotion you should apply the lotion on your legs before using NYCE LEGS. Just be sure that you wipe off any residual lotion that has not been absorbed into your skin before spraying on your NYCE LEGS.

I can't seem to spray on my NYCE LEGS very evenly. How do I make it look right?

A. Simply use the palm of your hands after spraying to even out the application of NYCE LEGS before it dries. Depending on the amount of NYCE LEGS you spray on, it can take up to 30 to 45 seconds before it completely dries.

How do I darken my shade if I want to?

By applying a second "coat" of NYCE LEGS, you can vary the shade a little darker.

The nozzle on my can gets clogged. How do I fix it?
Simply hold the nozzle under warm water.
Will NYCE LEGS irritate my skin?

NYCE LEGS has been tested by an independent testing laboratory and has been classified as a "minimal irritant" which is the lowest level applied to this type of testing. However, you should discontinue use if your skin becomes irritated and you should never apply NYCE LEGS on open scars or wounds.

Can NYCE LEGS be used on other parts of my body?
Yes. Many women have found that it is great for their arms and décolletage area .
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